“Mr. Swandal’s expertise was invaluable in the process of prioritizing the sequence of actions and decisions that are required to complete projects of this magnitude. [His] guidance through the legalities of selecting and employing architects, contract managers, general contractors, and all supporting elements to the projects established a high level of expectation and competence. Having this level of expertise allowed me to be confident and deliberate with my decisions on how to move the projects forward without incident.”

Mr. Greg UphamSuperintendent - Billings Public Schools

“Yellowstone County Commissioner Robyn Driscoll said she was ‘very comfortable’ hiring Hulteng CCM. ‘In fact I think it is a must.’ Driscoll praised Hulteng saying, ‘They’re amazing.’”

The Billings GazetteOctober 18, 2016

“In 2018, I visited with Mr. Watson and explained the vision on the remodel. The Board and I laid out our desires in the new build and how much we could afford. Through wise and prudent counsel, we designed a beautiful remodel that we thought would come in on budget. When the bids were opened in 2020, we not only came in under budget, but are now able to add on to the construction design to increase our school’s remodel with additions to enhance the entire project. From a fiscal perspective, we are extremely pleased with what we have been able to achieve in our partnership with Hulteng.”

Matt DriessenAdministrative Principal - DeSmet Independent School District

“The team at Hulteng CCM stands out as an exceptional project partner. Their extensive knowledge and deep industry experience provided measurable value to the client. Their expertise includes: managing the client’s budgets, negotiating and facilitation communication between the owner, contractor, and architect, solving complex constructability and phasing challenges, and overall project delivery through completion and beyond. They perform this service with professionalism and integrity. We appreciate the value of a quality Construction Management and Owner’s Construction Representative Consulting Firm, and I am pleased to give Hulteng CCM, Inc. my highest recommendation.”

Don MacArthurPrincipal - MMW Architects, PC

“An Owner’s Rep is to help guide you through the process, negotiate contracts, be on site and mediate highly technical aspects,” said Tom Korst, Hamilton High School Superintendent. “[Hulteng] provides expertise – he’s save us several hundreds of thousands of dollars right out of the gate.”

Ravalli RepublicSeptember 22, 2017

“Hulteng CCM helped us resolve planning questions, DEQ filings, subcontractor payment issues, and even tough conversations with our general contractor. With Hulteng influence and project management, we finished on-time and on budget.”

Stacy BrownExecutive Director - Family Service

“Mr. Swandal and Hulteng CCM was and is regarded as the top company to support school districts with construction projects. I can attest to my 32 years of experience, Mr. Swandal and Hulteng CCM are in the top one percent of all professionals I have worked with.”

Mr. Greg UphamSuperintendent - Billings Public Schools

“Missoula County Public Schools contracted with Hulteng to assist the district with a $158 million construction bond. Since day one, Hulteng has proven to be the most important hire the district has made during this bond work. Hulteng’s ability to negotiate contracts on our behalf has saved the district millions of dollars. This allowed MCPS the opportunity to allocate those savings directly into the classrooms. I personally know that the district could not have been as successful without their immense efforts, leadership, guidance, and professionalism.”

Burley McWilliamsDirector of Operations and Maintenance - Missoula County Public Schools